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30 Days Free Return

Leg Massager Air Compression


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1: Revitalize Your Legs with Air Compression Therapy:

Introducing our Leg Massager Air Compression, your ultimate solution for tired and achy legs. This innovative device harnesses the power of air compression therapy, gently and effectively massaging your legs from calves to thighs. Feel the tension melt away as the sequential inflation and deflation of the air chambers improve blood circulation, reducing swelling and fatigue. 


  • Leg massager air compression
  • Air compression therapy
  • Sequential inflation and deflation
  • Leg circulation booster
  • Revitalizing leg recovery

2: Customizable Comfort for Your Leg Wellness:

Our Leg Massager Air Compression offers a personalized massage experience to suit your comfort needs. With adjustable intensity levels and different massage modes, you can tailor the compression therapy to your liking. Select from various modes such as kneading, rolling, or a combination of both to target specific areas of discomfort. 


  • Adjustable leg compression intensity
  • Customizable massage modes
  • Kneading and rolling therapy
  • Soft and breathable leg sleeves
  • Home leg therapy comfort


Full Leg Coverage Air Compression Massage: 

Our leg massager provides cyclic air compression around your legs and feet, relaxing stiff muscles, relieving fatigue, and improving circulation. 

3 Massage Modes, 3 Intensities, 2 Heat Temperatures : 

We specialize in customizing a personal leg massager for you to provide the best quality and the most comfortable experience. No matter whether young people work in an office,  or parents or grandparents stay at home, this air massager can easily operate to do a massage by handle controller. 

Massage Modes(3 modes):

Soothing, Relaxing, and Smart.

Intensities Choice(3 choices):

Strong, Medium, and Weak.

Heat Temperatures(2 levels):

High Level and Low level.

Size-adjustable Leg Wraps : 

The leg wraps can be adjusted with Velcro to fit your legs and feet. Yours and your family's legs and feet will be snugly and comfortably cuddled.


Size: 88x73x0.6cm

Weight: 3.75lb

Rated Voltage: DC12V 2A

Rated Power: 24 W

Package included:

1 x Leg massage

1 x Adapter

1 x User guide